8 Crucial Tips for Fresh Graduate

By: Md. Tashrif H. Chowdhury

Bangladesh has recently been upgraded from low income country (LIC) to lower-middle income country (LMIC) as per the World Bank's classification. Whatever the grade we have reached, the fact is that our industries are rising, evolving and booming; globalization is connecting us all. We should ensure the world that our young graduates are prepared for the challenges-

Some guidance to fresh graduates to prepare for competitive job market.

  • Make a decent CV: A fresh graduate has no experience so less job experience means you will have to focus more on your education. Highlight any skills you have developed and any areas of expertise within your qualification. You can also take support from different web site for CV templates.

  • Develop your "soft skills": Technical skills and experience are definitely great. But for entry-level positions employer looking for analytical skills, problem solving skills, time management skills, teamwork skills, research skills, and communication skills. Identify your areas of weakness and work hard to develop them into strengths.

  • Network: It takes time to build a network but the benefits are countless. You should not always look to what you can get from your connections; make yourself available to help them too. Try to attend career fair, events, seminars where you can reach out to relevant people in your field.

  • Spend more time with people than with your Cell phone: Now- a-days we constantly see young generation looking down at their cell phone, pad, tab’s instead of at people’s faces and it’s a missed opportunity. Strongest relationships are formed in person, not online.

  • You have to sacrifice today to be more successful tomorrow: You need to work hard to put yourself in a better position in the forthcoming days. The more you do earlier, the more it will pay of later in your career.

  • Prepare yourself before interviews: Though it is typical advice for job applicants but maximum fresh graduate don’t bother to prepare before interview. Know your CV inside out; understand what you can offer, and what the company needs. Do some research on the company at its website. Remember that better preparation always ahead you from others candidates.

  • Emphasis on the jobs you are most passionate about: if you want to be more positive at interviews, the best way is to apply to jobs that you really excited about i.e. something you care about, you will be more prepared for interview. On the other hand if you are just applying to a job because you want it just to do, you have only a slim chance of getting the job & someone else will grab the opportunity.

  • Don’t get discouraged: After completing graduation it may take time to find a suitable job. Don’t be discouraged, keep applying and try until you find the position that suit you best.