Interview Tips for Experienced Candidates (Part -2)

By: Tahsin J. Chowdhury

During interview:

  • Once your name is called, go in front of the door, knock, open the door slightly and seek permission of the board to enter the room saying ?May I come in Sir/Madam??
  • Once they say ?Yes?, get into the room and greet the board. You can say Salam or Good Morning/evening whatever you feel like.
  • You may Shake hands, but only if the board approaches.
  • Keep standing before you are asked to sit by the board.
  • Have a mild smile on your face.
  • Keep your hands down unless you are asked to write something.
  • Let them start.
Some common Questions during interview:

The interviewers usually have some common type of questions. Since you have prior experience, they with ask you the questions that will help them to understand you, your strengths or weaknesses. Here we are discussing some very common question and probable answers for your understanding.

  • Introduce yourself
    • A very typical yet worthy question
    • Try to focus on issues that are not written in your CV.
    • You can concentrate on your favorite job role, your achievements and various additional activities (such as, organizing Trainings or Team building activities or official day outs) that you are engaged in your company.
    • Concentrate on your hobbies; explain how you relate them with your work and make yourself more passionate for work.
  • What type of Business your company does and what is your role in the company
    • Concentrate on which medium (English/Bengali) the board has used to ask you the question.
    • Have a detail idea about your company?s Business. Even you work for a single unit or in a specific field, have knowledge on the overall business of the company.
    • Explain your role in the organization and try to focus how important that is for the organization.
  • What is your strength?
    • Be careful before saying your strength. The employer may ask clarification regarding the strength. Try to focus on one or two strengths. For example, it may be your Honesty, may be your problem solving skills or may be your instant decision making skill. But make sure you can make them understand with example. So keep some real life/on job examples in your mind.
  • What is your Weakness?
    • Make sure you answer the question. Don?t mention that you have no weakness. Mention at least one. Try not to focus on any personal weakness (For example; Short temper, Irritation etc) rather focus on something which is professional. Also focus on how you are trying to overcome the problem. For example: you can say that you have limitations in MS word/Excel and recently you have joined a short course on that particular topic to overcome.
  • Why do you plan to leave your current organization?
    • This answer should be specific and clear. You can say for having a better exposure/ for having a change in Job Role/for having a more challenging job etc.
    • Don?t say negative about your current organization or current supervisor.
  • What is your expected salary?
    • This is a very sensitive as well as tricky question. Though this is a direct question, answer it indirectly. Don?t exactly mention the amount of money. Rather ask the employer what is the range they have for the offered post.
  • Do you have any question?
    • If the employer asks if you have any question or not, don?t hesitate. Ask at least one question. You can ask about the company?s Business Vision or you may ask how the usual career progression in the company is.

    Once the employer asks you to leave, greet them again and leave the room.