Interview Tips for Experienced Candidates (Part -1)

By: Tahsin J. Chowdhury

Journey makers welcome you all to this session. We intend to support you and be a part of the journey towards your professional destination. With the intention of placing the right people in the right place, Journey Makers has started it?s challenging journey.
Since you have professional experience, your may be considered as a specialized resource for any organization. What you need is only to prove that you are actually worth hiring for any organization.
Since the job market is very much competitive, you have to demonstrate the qualities that are required by the employers so that they feel confident about the fact that you can be their asset.
In this session, journey maker is going to share some tips so that you can present yourself clearly and confidently when you are in front of any interview board.

Prior Preparation for the interview

  • Study the Job circular/advertisement thoroughly.
    • Don?t miss out any point of the circular/advertisement.
    • Make sure you meet the required level of qualification and professional skills by the job posting company.
    • You have to prepare explanations against every skill you declare as your strength.
  • Analyze the company.
    • Go online and search the company website. Most of the companies have their own website. Go there and find the company profile.
    • Concentrate on the core business of the company and type of products they offer in the market,
    • Gather Knowledge on their Market Share position
    • Study if there is any yearly publication by the company as most of the companies have, which explains every updated detail, be it Business Growth or Management Views.
    • Prepare some examples on how your experience will help them to grow more.
Interview day:
  • Set the time by which you have to start for the interview, because there is no option for you to be late for the interview. If you are late, you can count yourself disqualified even before facing the board.
  • Males, please be cleanly shaved. if you have beard, make sure they are well trimmed.
  • Choose light colored dress and make sure it is ironed and clean. Don?t wear any dress which is not clean or have any visible spot.
  • Keep your hair organized.
  • Use lighter perfume.
  • If you wear glass, make sure you wipe the glasses before entering into the interview.
  • Males are advised to wear at least a Tie even if you don?t want to wear suit.
  • Wear clean Shoes.
  • Have a good breakfast. Don?t starve.
  • Take a bag/file where you can keep
    • A copy of your CV,
    • Photocopies of your educational certificates,
    • Photocopies of professional Certificates (If you have)
  • Start at least 20 minutes before your projected reaching time to the interview.(For Example, if your think it will take you 30 minutes to reach the interview, you are advised to start 50 minutes before the interview)
Once you reach the interview:
  • Be conscious right after entering the building where the interview is going to take place.
  • Be polite and gentle with everyone around you, even with the security guards or the lift operators. The employer might have a 360 degree observation on you.
  • Go to the Reception Desk and express your reason of arriving.
  • Follow their guideline, sign if there is any attendance register and wait as per their sitting arrangement. Don?t ask whether they have any better arrangement for waiting.
  • Don?t ask for tea or coffee proactively.
  • Wait till your name is called by the board.
(To be continued in part -2)