Interview Tips for Fresher

By: Tahsin J. Chowdhury

Hello Mates!!
This article is for the fresher. You guys are fresh, so you are counted as the most important and desired resources for a company or farm. Employers know that they can make you an asset through their development process. Friends, since the job market is very much competitive, you have to show some certain qualities to the employers so that they feel confident about the fact that you can be their asset. The following tips may help you to present yourself clearly and confidently when you are in front of an interview board.

Preparation on the day prior to the interview
1. Make yourself clam regarding the interview. Don?t get panicked or tensed thinking on what the interviewer might be going to ask you. Make yourself believe that the interview is going to be more like a discussion session just as you do with your family/teachers everyday!!This thought will definitely make you more confident & prepared.
2. Most of the companies have their own website. Browse through the company profile and try to Memorize o The date when the company started its journey? o Who is/was the founder Chairman and who is the current? o What is the core business of the company and what type of products they offer? o What is their position in the market etc. o Remember as much as you can. No need to remember any sales figure or profit figure.
3. Have an early dinner. Relax yourself. Sleep a bit early than you regularly do leaving all the thoughts away so that you can have a sound sleep. This will be very helpful indeed.

Morning preparation on the day of the interview
4. Wake up early.
5. Set the time by which you have to start for the interview, because there is no option for you to be late for the interview. If you are late, you can count yourself disqualified even before facing the board.
6. Take a shower because this will help you feel fresh and confident.
7. For males-Be cleanly shaved. If you have beard, make sure they are trimmed well.
8. Choose light colored dress and make sure it is ironed and clean. Don?t wear any dress which is not clean or have any visible spot.
9. Keep your hair organized.
10. Use lighter perfume.
11. If you wear glass, make sure you wipe the glasses before entering into the interview room.
12. You are advised to wear at least a Tie even if you don?t want to wear suit.
13. Wear clean Shoes.
14. Have a good breakfast. Don?t starve.
15. Take a bag/file where you can keep a copy of your CV, photocopies of your educational certificates, mark sheets and any other certificates if you have.
16. Start at least 20 minutes before your projected reaching time to the interview.(For Example, if your think it will take you 30 minutes to reach the interview place, you are advised to start 50 minutes before schedule time.