Interview with Mr. Salah Uddin Ali Ahmed


How did you step into business fraternity?

My orientation with business was from the early stage of my career as I was grown up in business premises.
From my student life, I used to spend time in family business during leisure hour to learn the business. I gave maximum time during my SSC and HSC exam vacation.
In 1984, our family established a textile mill where I played a significant role. The business was heavily linked with Dhaka for every matters from row material collection to sales. As I was studying in Dhaka at that time I used to run a lot for business purpose in Islampur, Narayangonj.
I was also involved in General trading business of family. After master’s exam, I fully joined the family business.

From a novice of 16 years who was working in family business to today’s President of Sylhet Chamber how did you ride the stairs?

As I told you earlier after my master’s degree I fully dedicated myself to family business under the supervision of Chairman and other directors who were also my family members.I used to look after the General trading business, in 1994 got involved in import business. We launched our brokerage house in 1998 through Wide Area Network. Right now we have 15 branches spread over Dhaka, Chittagong, and Sylhet. Our latest initiative is in tourism and hospitality sector namely Hotel Star Pacific. If I unfold the map of my journey it reminds me a plenty of hard work, dedication and patience.

It clearly reveals that today’s position is the outcome of over 30 years of hard work and devotion. Right now which areas are you focusing?

My role as Chamber president requires a plenty of involvement, then again I spend the rest of my time in Capital market, Import and tourism sector.

We can see that right here in Sylhet number of successful business are initiated and maintained from your group….which is definitely giving employment for a plenty, can we have that stats?

At present over 1,000 employees are working across the group, mostly employed in import sector. The team of thousand people is comprised of semi skilled worker to high skilled executive. For capital market and tourism sector, we seek educated and skilled people.

While choosing someone to be a part of your time what are the criteria’s that you seek mostly?

Required qualities vary according to job description. But there are some common traits that we look for in every one like willingness to work hard, honesty, ability to work as team player, dedication to job etc.

What are your suggestions for new comer?
I will say that new generation is lucky. They have the world at their finger tips. Information Technology has opened so many wings.We all are working to materialize our Prime minister Shekh Hasina’s vision “Digital Bangladesh” and we are going to digitalize all sectors gradually. If anyone can prepare him or her properly, he does not need to search job rather he can provide employment to some other people. In a nutshell, I will say prepare yourself, explore the opportunity as entrepreneur, work hard and grab glory.
However, Tourism is also a growing arena where government is helping the entrepreneurs, different types of funds are available. The youth may take the opportunity to grow them in the sector.

We are observing a very vibrant role of yours as The President of Sylhet Chamber Of Commerce, would you please highlight the journey?

Though there are immense potentialities, our region is lagging behind. I want to change the situation which is pulling me to drive fast. President of FBCCI Mr. Matlub Ahmed deserves special mention for spreading the development across Bangladesh. He is keeping all divisional heads of Chamber in different meeting and seminar both in home and abroad. Besides, few days back during the visit of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi only a 10 member business delicates team got the chance to meet with him and I was one of them.
When I got the responsibility of a president, I was also a running director of FBCCI, I got the chance to visit different parts of the world as Member of Business delicate of PM Shekh Hasina’s Team.

What are your dreams?

My dream is overall economic development of Sylhet as well as whole Bangladesh. We all know that govt. has taken some big projects in Sylhet. Some of them are special economic zone, Eco Park, electronic city, much expected Tamabil and Shawla port which will open new horizon for business. As the president of Sylhet Chamber of Commerce and Industries I want to contribute the best of mine to successful rollout and functioning of the projects.

Throughout the journey you have plenty of recognitions, achievements, rewards which one will you pick as the most inspiring one?

The day when Bangladesh government selected me as CIP (Commercially Important Person) filled my heart with a sense of accomplishment.

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